Mission Statement

Bradley Blake Caring and Sharing Foundation serves as a catalyst in nurturing and restoring the lives of families and friends victimized by violent crimes.

Our Core Values

  • Nonviolence
  • Peace and Love
  • Individual success
  • Diversity
  • Honesty
  • Safety
  • Creativity
  • Educational goals
  • Lifelong learning



Bradley Blake Caring and Sharing Foundation’s vision is to be the leading voice in promoting nonviolence.


Sharing and Caring!
Bradley Blake Caring Sharing Foundation’s purpose is to provide crime prevention training, and promote peace and love throughout the surrounding communities. We are also committed to serve and empower individuals by providing educational opportunities, creating jobs, and offering recreational experiences to our youth, and positively impacting their lives.
Together we can make a difference in helping to shape the future of our youth, both positively as well as spiritually. Not only can we have an impact on just the surrounding communities, but also influence adolescence globally.